United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande, California

Chancel Choir Tour of Wesleyan England
July 2006

Pictured at Wesley Chapel on City Road in London on Sunday morning, July 23, 2006. Directly behind the choir is a statue of Wesley, and the sanctuary in which we had just sung is inside the building in the background.

Saturday July 22nd, 2006

London tour, Buckingham Palace,
Wesley "strangely warmed"

Sunday July 23rd, 2006

1st Concert: Wesley Chapel,
Wesley Museum,
Hyde Park Orangery

Monday July 24th, 2006

St. Paul's Cathedral,
more Wesley Chapel pics,

Tuesday July 25th, 2006

Windsor Castle, Kew Gardens (for some),

Wednesday July 26th, 2006

2nd Concert: Christ Church, Oxford,
the Tube

Thursday July 27th, 2006

Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge

Friday July 28th, 2006

3rd Concert: Bath Abbey, Bath,
Roman Baths, Cotswolds, Castle Combe

Saturday July 29th, 2006

Bristol, Stratford-Upon-Avon,
John Wesley's Chapel
Hathaway House, Swindon dinner

Sunday July 30th, 2006

4th Concert: Cheap Street Methodist Church in Sherborne, Sherborne Abbey, Sherborne, London Eye, Indian dinner

Monday July 31st, 2006

Return to USA

The Chancel Choir
England Tour Ensemble

Director: Jamie Foster

Helen Gugeler
Irene Kleisch
Barbara Reineke
Sandy Schwarer
Nancy St. Laurent
Sandy Underwood
Julie Walters

Bennie Duffin
Doris Douglas
Lynn Foster
Betty Johnson
Betty Livingston
Diane O'Lear
B.G. Perriguey

Trevor Foster
Val McClure

Chuck Burns
Don Gugeler
Carl Kliesch
Ron Livingston
Bob Underwood
Richard Walters

Web Site and Photographer: Trevor Foster
Assisted by: Jamie Foster
Some photos provided by other Choir members.

(Not recordings of us.)