Chancel Choir 2006 England Tour
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today was our second concert at Christ Church in Oxford.  Or, as we learned today, if you want to be hip with the lingo, Christ Church is simply referred to as the "House"; that is one of the ways you can tell the locals from the tourists or outsiders.

We sang through our entire repertoire of 15 songs, downloadable mp3 versions of these songs sung by other groups can be found here.  We began with a short practice at about 2:00pm and then began our concert with a prayer and blessing by the rector of the church at 3:00pm.  The concert lasted 52 minutes, however, for us in the choir time seemed to stand still.  No words could describe the way the sound echoed through the cathedral walls and ceiling.  The sound would carry on for longer than we had ever heard before after we stopped singing.  Jamie even intentionally held a lot of our pauses considerably longer than normal to allow the sound to fade away before beginning again. 

Below are the pictures from today including the town of Oxford, singing in Christ's Church in Oxford, and heading back to London for dinner in Covent Garden.

Christ Church, Oxford.

We sang in one of the transcepts.


"Hogwart Hall" in the Harry Potter films at Christ Church.

The cloister area of Christ Church.

Down in the tube system.

Of "Alice in Wonderland" fame.

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