Chancel Choir 2006 England Tour
Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well today was our last full day in England and my was it a great one.  We started out our journey by waving goodbye to dear-sweet Swindon and heading to the town of Sherborne.  The streets in Sherborne were so small that our bus was unable to drive into town, so we had to park on the edge of town and then walk carrying all of our extra clothes with us, but it was worth it.  For our fourth concert we found ourselves in the ~150 member Cheap Street Methodist Church, of which we later learned hasn't had a permanent choir in over 2 years.  The sound in this church didn't have the same echo that we heard in the larger stone cathedrals, but what it did have was a very warm tone and that small homey atmosphere that reminded us of singing back in Arroyo Grande.

Following the church service we enjoyed great fellowship with the members of the church and then had lunch in town and visited the Sherborne Abbey.  In the afternoon we returned to London for the last night before our departure to the USA.  However, we weren't going to spend the last night sitting around in out hotel rooms.  After a wonderful (and spicy) Indian dinner we went to take a ride on the London Eye.  The London Eye was built for the Millennium by British Airways and takes passengers up to 442 feet above London for a 360 degree view of the city.  We went at a particularly great time because as we were going around we got to watch sunset and the city transform from being lit by the sun to being lit by the city lights.

Cheap Street Methodist Church in Sherborne. "Cheap" refers to bartering - this would be similar to a "Market Street" in the U.S.

The people of Cheap Street Methodist were delightful.

A lunch spot in Sherborne.

Sherborne Abbey.

Finding the Indian restaurant back in London.

Down in the "Tube" system.

The London Eye.

That's Parliament and Big Ben in the background.

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