Chancel Choir 2006 England Tour
Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today was our first concert at the Wesley Chapel on City Road in London. 

We sang three songs in their service;

The Introit - "Deep River" arr: Roy Ringwold

The Anthem prior to the sermon - "God's Great Love" Dick/Mel Tunney arr: Lari Goss

An during the Offering - "Hear me, Redeemer" Henry Mollicone


Our next concert is scheduled for Wednesday where we will sing for a full hour. That should give us an opportunity to get through nearly all of the 15 songs that we have prepared.

There's a museum in the basement at the Wesley Chapel.

The Orangery in Hyde Park.

At lower right is the front gate at Wesley Chapel.

High tea at the Orangery in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park.

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