Chancel Choir 2006 England Tour
Monday, July 31, 2006

Today was our last day in England as a group. It is now time to go out on our own. The majority of the choir loaded up in the bus this morning at the hotel (Thistle Kensington Park) and headed out towards the airport. Despite what seemed like stop-and-go traffic the entire time, we made it there in exactly 45 minutes. The rest of the group was heading out later in the day or on Tuesday due to later flight times, frequent flier mile restrictions, or further travel. As for the group that traveled back to LAX this afternoon, all arrived safe and sound and all the luggage arrived AOK. It was a long 10+ hour flight and boy was it good to stand up and walk around once we landed. Below are just a few pictures from today's travels.

This is the last page in the series, but please feel free to keep checking back. If in the future there are major changes to this website, we will note that on the HOME page as well as send out an e-mail update.

Good bye for now; this has been a lot fun sharing this whole experience.