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Judy's Journey August 2008

Dream-Decide-Dare = Hope...
Providing Transformation of the World for Christ

It has been some time since I last sent out a journey message. So if you have been wondering:–did I miss an issue or –did I get dropped from the list. Nope, I just didn’t get the job done. That is at least to the point of putting it in print! It has been swirling around in my mind for sometime. Usually the things have revolved around music and words from conferences ...general, annual, and jurisdictional.. and mission stories from colleagues.

All of this provided information regarding the missional response/challenge of the United Methodist Church. Always we were challenged to DREAM about how we could be a piece of the transformation of the world for Christ.

When I receive stories from our United Methodist Missionaries almost always some DREAM is shared. This is usually followed by DECISION or a plan of accomplishment with the DARE/challenge to be part of this process, therefore providing HOPE.

Each of us can gather up memories as we move through life which include thoughts, emotions, relationships, happenings and more. Each of us does change the word in imperceptible ways, though we may never know how. Each of us is responsible as we respond to the call of Christ upon our lives to work toward the transformation of the world to — DREAM, DECIDE and DARE.

Some recent examples I have been privileged to hear about include:

***The Cookson Hills Center has been a very significant part of the mission work of the United Methodist Women in Oklahoma since 1948. They are beginning a $600,000 campaign to build a new 6,000 sq. ft. activities center which will serve more than 4,200 persons where more than 670 volunteers serve. This ministry serves a large Cherokee population in NE Oklahoma. Meri Whitaker is the Church and Community Worker.

*** The Mission Resource Center in North Carolina has sent two shipments to Project AGAPE in Armenia and are well on their way to filling a third container. While Armenia has been on their minds, they have not forgotten other responsibilities, particularly as they relate to those affected, and sometimes devastated, by the flooding in Missouri and Iowa. Dwayne Morgan is the Church and Community Worker and remembers well the flooding in Missouri in 1993-94. They have been packing flood buckets to replenish the depleted supply at Sager Brown in Louisiana which ships them to affected areas.

***Muriel and Terry Henderson write from Give Ye Them to Eat in Mexico: "Of the six program areas, the Livestock Distribution program has closed. For the time being, the other five areas have continued: Church and Faith Development, Community Development, Agricultural Development, Community and Family Health - "More Than A Bandage", and the AWARE program. But due to the drastic decrease in donations these programs are being downsized and are in imminent peril." These programs which are so needed and beneficial are in jeopardy due to lack of support. They need our support.

***The Savutos–Jerri and Bill–write about evangelism at the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya. "Every morning before the staff begins work, we have a 15 minute devotional time in the Chapel. We pray, sing, hear scripture and a devotional about the scripture. We end by sharing the words of grace of with each other. Even amongst Mission Hospitals, we are an exception as we have Chapel 7 days a week. Immediately after Chapel our two Chaplains and two Evangelists head for the nursing wards where they do a morning devotional with the patients and then see any patients that need some special spiritual counseling or help. At 12:20pm and 4:20pm either a Chaplain or an Evangelist preaches to the visitors that are awaiting our visiting hours to begin so they can visit family and friends. "

Covenant Relationships are important for those who have been sent by the church. You can help make the task possible by being in covenant with a United Methodist Missionary. Should you wish to be in a covenant with me, my advance # is 982927. I would be glad to assist you in making this possible. If you choose to support someone else, let me help you get connected.

Grace and Peace,
Judy Atwood
South Central Jurisdiction Mission Interpreter in Residence
1514 Jarvis
Manhattan, KS 66502
(785) 539-5422

Thank you for being in covenant with me as a United Methodist Missionary. You help facilitate my ability to continue to journey with you and other missionaries as we share the story of the transformation of the world for Christ. Judy
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Judy Atwood and Phoebe