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2010 Parent Spring Survey Results

June, 2010

The "Spring Survey" findings showed that the families were 80% very satisfied and 20% satisfied with the overall quality of the program. Families also added personal comments written on the survey. "We were always impressed by how the staff helped each other out." "Love how the kids get daily notes. "This is wonderful, especially since our kid is too young to talk about everything that goes on. (A toddler's parent)" "Thank you for loving my children… I don't worry at all!" "I know that my child loves to go to school and is so happy here. I feel safe knowing she is well cared for."

According to the survey, the reason why families have chosen our program was a tie between socialization and age appropriate curriculum. All but one of the surveys were completed by families that participated in the Parent/Teacher Conferences. The survey found the conferences to be informative. In addition, parents that participated in the conferences reported that their child achieved his/her goals and were ready to move forward. Following are comments written on the survey. "It's a great program that both our kid's love. They both learn so much not just academically but socially as well." "My child has grown a lot and I feel the program made it possible for my child to exercise the talents and abilities that give the proper foundation for kinder entry. The teachers were exceptional this year."

Regarding "Parent Volunteer Opportunities" or "Parent Involvement", the highest response, 60%, wanted to help outside the classroom. (So teachers plan and put a sign up sheet for projects parents can take home.) Additionally, 50% of the families reported that they would like more information on "How children develop at different ages".

The Arroyo Grande United Methodist Children's Center Board would like to thank you for taking time to complete the survey. The findings are beneficial and very important in providing information we need to improve our program. The survey showed two areas for improvement "Better communication with parents" and "Parent Involvement". The first area was "Better communication". Question: Do families wanting more one on one communication or just more communication in general. Please, drop a note in the suggestion box and suggest how we can better communicate with you. It can be anonymous but please put your child's classroom number on your suggestion. Currently, we provide information through the newsletters, fliers, the web site and personal contact in the classroom. The second area was to increase parent participation. There were several activities for families to participate in throughout the year. The two most popular activities, with 90% participation, were the Family Fun Day in October and the Holiday Program in December. However, the lowest participation was the Spring BBQ. According to the survey, only 40% wanted to help with fundraisers. A comment made was, "We feel badly that we have not been able to keep up with the fundraising events, but we do what we can. Keep up the good work. Those kids enjoy it." A note: The fundraisers help with raising money for things the school needs. The fall fundraiser helps us purchase new material and supplies. The winter fundraisers support the staff going to conference so they can become better teachers. The spring fundraiser helps to make needed improvements to the program. We look forward to a fun and exciting new school year nurturing the development of children and fostering new friendships between children, families, and staff.

Maddy Quaglino, AGUMCC Director

Pictures on this page are from the Children's Center Promotion and Acknowledgement Program 2010 held on May 28, 2010 at the church.