All-Church Harvest Picnic and Potluck

October 26, 2008

Grumpy (Mike), and Richard.

Can you tell who gets to kiss the pig?! Left to right: Tom, Lori, Bill, and Virginia.

Thanks to Linda Herber for these pictures:

Best Dessert judges.

1st place in the "Best Dessert Contest" went to Gladys (right) for her Pumpkin Harvest Dessert, 2nd place to Rosemary (left) for her sour cream wedding cake, and third place to Susan (not pictured) for her layer bars.

Our pie eating champion!

Larry and Miss Piggy.

I won the WHAT kissing contest?!

Tom did the honors for Lori. Chivalry is clearly not dead.

The "Kiss the Pig" contest gathered over $400 for UMCOR.

The pig was quite the attraction! The little one above couldn't figure it out any better than all the adults at left.

You can put lipstick on a pig...

Jed won the centerpiece! [Photo by Sean Lehman]