First United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande

Thank You!
Family Fun Day

Arroyo Grande United Methodist Children's Center
September 20, 2008

A huge Thanks! to all who helped! We reached our goal!

Planning Committee
Laura Krulewecki
Kyla Huckerby
Linda Fox
Jill Richards
Xochit and Greg Rubio
Gen Yamada
Melanie Bumgarner

BBQ Team/Kitchen Staff/Servers
Brian Donnelly
Greg Rubio
Xochit Rubio
Eric Ellis
Joann Quaglino
Chuck Burns
Sabrina Sanders
Dick & Patti Melsheimer
Matt Regusci
Bee Frantz

Set up/Clean up/Help with
Trike-a-thon and Game Booths

Valeria Beard
Greta Robbins
Melanie Bumgarner
Linda Fox
Jill Richards
Clara Ellis
Tracy Regusci
Renae Priess
Judy Leonard
Buddy, Miranda, & Nicole Beaudoin

Cookie Bakers
Kyla Huckerby
Brian Donnelly
Tania Chavez
Aletha Silverstien
Angie Weller
Penny Sandman
Greta Robbins
Cindy Hahn
Kin Van Dyke

Bounce House and Special Contributors
Ian and Ariel Waterman
Tom Egan
Wendel Curry
Wayne Huggins
Don McGuire
Pastor Dave Burgeson
TJ Dobbs
Virgina Mothes
Kaleen O'Callaghan
Kassondra Quaglino
Jamie Foster

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU! to the staff who donated their time and talents to benefit the program
Ms. Maddy
Ms. Lori
Cindy Bo
Mr. Paul
Ms. Tierra

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